The Road to Opening

April 2019

Opening a restaurant is stressful, we learnt that the first time around which is why we decided that we were going to do it right this time and avoid the setbacks we fell into last time. Our aim was to be in a position to open by mid-January 2020, but with another already successful restaurant open, we had to divide and conquer.

Photo of a neglected building clad only by a 'watch this space' banner with a mound of bricks and rubble in front.

We set off on a gruelling 8 month journey, turning a neglected and lifeless building into something meaningful, something that was our own, our vision, our own little corner of the world where we could bring people food, drinks, conversation and togetherness.

December 2019

Something is just over the horizon. Works are almost complete to the interior of the new restaurant. We’ve tiled the walls and floor in the Dish Mediterranean blue, the walls are rendered and now our focus turns to the outside of the restaurant, where there will be large format signage on the rendered exterior side wall.

January 2020

With the restaurant completely clad in Dish branding, we we’re ready to open.

And the rest is history.