[Pizza at Home] Our Recipe

Bored at home during these unusual times? Why not cook your own perfect pizza!
Our chef Simon has provided a step by step guide to make your own perfect pizza using ingredients available at Derby House Foodhall in Wrightington. Making pizza can be messy but is great fun for the whole family providing tasty results.

[Ingredients] – All are available from Derby House Food Hall (while stock lasts)

• Plain flour
• A Tub of pizza dough (Individual tubs serves 1 pizza)
• A Jar Nowt Poncy L’Amore É Pizza (Pizza base sauce) – serves approx 4 pizzas
• Toppings


1 Wash your hands and your work area. Prepare your work area – sprinkle plain flour on your work surface and rolling pin.

2 Pre-heat your oven. 240C/fan 220C /gas 8 – If your oven has a pizza setting use this.

3 Remove the dough from packaging. Roll and stretch until its approx 12 inch and round(ish) shape. (Photos 1 and 2)

4 Using a spoon add the sauce to the base. Use the back of the spoon to spread. Avoid putting the sauce too close to the perimeter of the base. *** Don’t put too much sauce on as it makes it too ‘sloppy’. (Photo 3) Add your desired toppings.

5 Put the pizza in the oven and cook for approx 8-10 mins – keep checking. The pizza is cooked when the base and the sides are nice and crisp.

6 Remove the pizza from the oven and enjoy! (Photo 4)

By Matthew Holling